Boomers …. This is all about YOU!

Your “You.Inc”  skills, talents interests and yes, even your hobbies.



It’s also about your reviving lost dreams, reassessing the future and a legacy.

Within these pages you will find insight, humor and new friends.


John and I are small business owners.  After a very turbulent 5 years of growing our business online, we have compiled a SIMPLE and EASY plan to bypass that  “Crazy Zone” so many newbies fall into  –  wallet first!  

Because of it’s simpleness, we have shared the plan with others who face frustration and overwhelm mode!  (It has to be simple and Pat-proof!!)

Understand, it’s all a journey.  Just like you wouldn’t you climb into your car and  start driving randomly without a plan for the next stop-over,  so why do we get stuck in a “default” direction, lost and going in the same circles?  

Inspirational speakers tell us constantly “You can have everything you want …. if you really want it and go after it!”   Yes, I agree …. the first step is the desire mixed with determination.  Sure. Got it.

However, the kicker comes with: “What do you REALLY want?”    When I ask my coaching clients this, most are quick with a list indeed …. a list of what they DON’T  want!  That’s the wrong focus! 


The book and movie “The Secret” was my first exposure to this type of thinking. Even my psychology classes didn’t spit it out as simply.  Makes sense doesn’t it:  What’s always bouncing around in our brains, just naturally grows because we are thinking about it. We focus on it (consciously or subconsciously), we see more of “it” and “it” just seems to appear more often.

Example:  Think of when you bought your last new car. As soon as you started proudly driving it, you kept seeing more and more cars just like yours.  Same difference.

What do you think about the most?  Health? … Money (or lack of)? … Family? 

As ancient wisdom says, we must sow the seed to reap the harvest. But in-between, is the less exciting tending and nurturing to prepare the benefits of the harvest.  

What seed do you plant?  

Do weeds grow by simple default or is it what you have chosen and desired deep at your core?

By human nature, we instinctively want to grow and succeed.  

Are your seeds of success  healthy and potent?  

Is it  your first thought every morning and your last thought as you drift off to sleep?  Often I pop awake at 3AM to write down a great line or thought for my next article.  The subconscious is always working – keeping our hearts beating and lungs breathing  while sorting out “life”.  

Within realistic boundaries of course, we all can be what we make up our minds to be. No, a 60 year old man that’s 5 foot wouldn’t make a very good pro-basketball star!  But he certainly could play the game with passion and determination on the court with friends if that’s his true passion.


What do you REALLY want for the “3rd 25”?  What seeds are “sprouting” as you read this?

The hit-and-miss search is over once the “finding” begins.  I’ve learned that what I think is finding, is not finding something …. but CREATING it …. by choice!  Think about that …. can you really magically discover what you’ve been struggling to find?

Most of us miss the most critical  first step in our hurry to get to the prize!

Once you have the insight necessary go through confusion and overwhelm – you become confident about the choices to make and a direction to begin.  

We stake our reputation on 3 simple concepts:

  1.  GET YOUR MIND RIGHT –  Understand Mindset Rules of winning!
  2.  SPIT-SHINE SKILLS, PASSIONS AND TALENTS  –  Stick with what works FOR YOU!
  3.  MOVE FORWARD WITH PURPOSE  INTO NEW SKILLS  –  Knowledge meets Wisdom!

Psst….did you notice what was #1?

Oh Yes, MINDSET can be our biggest friend or foe.  

I know because, along with the multitude, this has been my personal greatest “sticking point” in my first 5 years online!

We use a little bit of MINDSET, a little bit of MARKETING and a little bit on how to best use online technology to blend with our OLD-SCHOOL   “belly to belly” style  prospecting.  I’m introverted, analytical, intuitive and shy in crowds … so what do I choose to do after retirement?  

HA! Well … SALES … of course!!  dahhh

Most difficult and uncomfortable for me. Much easier knowing the rule books of my Post Office, explaining the rules and regulations to my staff (yes, we “bent” them sometimes to get the job done!) but always and honestly. caring about my Postal customers.

 Fun. Easy.  Loved it.

Now transition into the global online world, direct selling tactics and face to selling …. and I turned into a bug-eyed catatonic zombie!!!


Learn from someone who has “made her mess her message”,  determined to move forward regardless.  

Sure you can go buy another “Feel Good” online course that tells you “It’s not your fault!” or attend another “Rah Rah” live staged event …. all good – however there comes a point where gasping, your  bank account says:  “ENOUGH!

But please, for your bank account’s sake:  INVEST A FEW MORE MINUTES RIGHT HERE …. RIGHT NOW.


Chances are you’re too busy to add one-more-thing on your plate.  

Sunbird Hilltop Overlook on Colorado Springs

Hilltop Overlook on Colorado Springs

Image the ultimate gourmet Sunday brunch tables at a beautiful upscale restaurant.

You selectively pick and choose only your favorite items: the pure feel-good, because-I’m-special foods (mine is crab legs).

You choose some healthy choices that you enjoy and of course, the sinfully splurges of  never-make-these-at-home deserts.

John & I have our favorite “celebration brunch” spot called “The Sunbird”.  The setting is gorgeous – high on a cliff overlooking all of Colorado Springs on one side and majestic Pikes Peak on the other.  The deep purple Rocky Mountain front range dwarfs us in it’s quiet shadows.

We sit outside by the firepit with a glass of champagne and just simply relax after our dining event.  Ahhh … life is good.   Life seems to simply stand still for a moment or twenty.


If you have spent time searching online for a business opportunity or trying to grow your current business, you probably ran head-first into the mega-info-overload buffet table.  Just like a starving person staring at the magnificent feast awaiting at our “Sunbird”, we want one of everything!  

So we gobble up as much as possible in a short time: info, programs, marketing,  how to’s and “gotta have’s” …. all that our stomachs (or brains) can hold.  Then try to digest it all …. but ….

What happens next?  

Yup, you guess it = overload!!  Food overload or info overload – both are just as painful!


Instead of just randomly diving into the humongous buffet of information online,  STOP  and a moment to sort through what’s  really  important to YOU!  

This is all about you, your journey and your lifestyle.

We offer this “Sampler Size” deluxe platter to you today … before you dive into the unlimited  buffet offered online.

Oh Yeah!  Your overloaded gut (overwhelmed brain) knows that there is a better way!  

There is a possibility you will succeed in network marketing online … when your heart is in it and you truly want to help others climb the ladder too  =  “IT”  works!

Yes!  See the proof first.  Scope out the “endless buffet” first!  You have many choices.

Here’s the generic plan that worked for us …. we’ve learned how to customize it for YOU!

Once I committed to this plan, I discovered things about ME in the process of growing my business!

After over a half a century of life experiences, I am just now figuring out the real,  hidden behind-the-scenes You.Inc” of Pat Mora, the daughter, wife, Mom, Postmaster, Horse Trainer and RETIREE! 

John & Pat, Owners and Guides

John & Pat, Owners and Guides


John and Pat Mora, Owners and Publishers
Vacationologists and Your Boomer Advocates
Personal email: johnandpatmora [at] gmail.com

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